Elliot Ikilei

Takanini Electorate

Find out more about Elliot and interact with him as a New Conservative Candidate for Takanini.

Elliot Ikilei was announced as the New Conservative candidate for botany in 2018. This was confirmed at the New Conservative conference in October 2019.

He has been active in Botany working with youth and community groups for several years. Based in South Auckland and working extensively with at risk youth, he is a recognised identity.

Elliot knows what it means to serve his community and engage with the diverse cultures. Elliot is married to Eona and is closely connected to his wife’s Singaporean community.

Their young children are part of why Elliot is so determined to make sure conservative values remain fundamental to the society that they will grow up in.

Botany deserves a representative that is part of their community, who will be there to listen and interact and understand the importance of better transport links, keeping infrastructure in line with growth and the impact of crime on small businesses and families.

Elliot knows how important family and community is to the residents of Botany and that they have been let down by successive representatives seeking a quick path to Parliament without retaining accountability to the community that elected them.

Botany residents will be assured of a strong, fearless voice that will represent what is important to them. Elliot has proven he is willing to speak out and challenge what needs to be fixed.

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