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New Conservative Annual Conference & AGM

October 11, 2019

Our 2019 Annual Conference was held in Wellington this year on Oct 11-12, at the Brentwood Hotel, 16 Kemp St, Kilbirnie. 

Friday evening Oct 11, 7.30pm was a Public Meeting with well over 100 people present.


The Annual Conference ran from 9.30 to 3.30pm Saturday, closing with afternoon tea. Almost 100 attended.


 The Members only Annual General Meeting followed at 4pm


Saturday evening 6.30pm we had a Banquet to finish off with celebration. 


Sunday morning was Candidate Training for all budding candidates. This was great! 

Team Building and Leadership Conference

April 05, 2019

Please join us at the Team Building Day in Auckland, Apr 6, 9.00am to 4.00pm. If you want to be involved in any way at all in getting New Conservative into Parliament in 2020, then this day is for you!


This will be a day of team building and equipping for effectiveness in our electorates. We will have resources and merchandise available. We want to take the next step in building our electorates and readying ourselves for the 2020 General Election. 


Morning and afternoon teas and buffet lunch are provided. Bob McCoskrie will be joining us to speak on Persistence in the Face of Opposition. Registration is essential.

Auckland Airport Holiday Inn, 2 Ascot Rd, Mangere

Auckland Region (those who enjoy Auckland Anniversary Day): $74
Other North Island: $60
South Island: $50


Conference and AGM

October 26, 2018

On Oct 27 2018 we held our Annual Conference in Christchurch. We had almost 70 at the dinner on Friday evening with guest speaker Don Brash. An excellent time and great food of course! The following day we had the Annual Conference with a few less, but it was an excellent time of inspiring speeches from different ones and lots of round table discussion and input. Many commented that they thought it was the best yet.

Speeches made by Don Brash, Leighton Baker and David Farrar with excellent input. Elliot Ikilei also gave us a 20 minute contribution around his social media activity on free speech, and other topical issues such as abortion, and his interest in the current Botany situation.


One of the most popular sessions was called "Fundspending." We were informed that some generous person had just given us $2ml and tables had to discuss how they would best use it for the party. The juices flowed and ideas rolled, but we were finally told that there was no such generous donor, but it was great to hear what priorities came through for spending of such quantity. 


Then the topic switched to "Fundraising". We all realised that it was unlikely that we would be having a generous donor give the $2ml needed to fulfil our dreams and make the impact that it seems it takes money to make. It was pointed out that if each person on our database spent $5 less a week ($20 a month) on something like coffee, and contributed it to New Conservative, we would have close to $2ml a year! A little from a lot amounts to much!! 

New Conservative Launch

June 03, 2018

On a wild and rainy Monday we managed to gather around members and supporters for the launch of our new name, New Conservative. It was an excellent time enjoyed by all and we left inspired that hope remains and that we are the Party that focuses on fixing the causes of the challenges we face as a nation, rather than throwing money or legislation at the problems. The whole meeting was shown on Facebook Live, but you can watch the highlights right here. Once again, thanks so much to all our supporters, and we look forward to this new season with excitement and anticipation.

Conservative Party Annual Conference & AGM

November 17, 2017

Our Annual Conference was held at the Holiday Inn, Auckland, and we had an excellent day. New members signed up and we had excellent feedback and much valued input from many who attended. The Board has a lot to work through as a result. At the AGM following, members voted by a big majority to change the name of the Party. We asked them for suggestions, and we ask all members for your suggestions. The Board will consider all names suggested, identify the five most popular, and consult a branding expert for advice before making a final decision. A new name will be followed by a new website and a new look all round. We look forward to hearing from you!

Conservative Party NZ Campaign Conference

August 11, 2017

The Conservative Party had a very full schedule over one day with interesting speakers. The key speakers on the day were Leighton speaking on the Party vision and other invited speakers throughout the day including Sam Chapman, Garth McVicar and Bev Adair-Beets. The core message of our values being Family, Justice and Democracy were expressed along with key policies. The evening session open to the public swelled numbers in what was a modestly attended event. The numbers may be smallish but that was more than offset by the enthusiasm of members and attendees in general as we bid farewell to the past and welcomed a brighter future. Leighton and Elliot Ikilei are leading the way in Epsom and Manurewa electorates in terms of Conservative Party presence and this boosted by many newly announced candidates around the country portends to a successful campaign setting the ground for the future. The food was good, the company scintillating and the hope we have for this election was heartening.

Q&A Webinar with Party Leaders

June 30, 2017

We had our now second live broadcast installment from the dynamic duo of Leighton Baker and Elliot Ilikei.  The Conservative Party leaders spoke on our newly released Justice Policy and afterwards fielded an assortment of curly questions from both our webinar and live Facebook feeds. Unfortunately the webinar had some technical issues, however the backup Facebook feed worked well. You can see the whole Q&A on the video here.

Meet the Party Leaders in Manurewa

June 29, 2017

We had a successful Manurewa campaign meet and greet last night (Friday 30th June) at the Nathan Homestead, Manurewa. The meeting was recorded and also sent out on Facebook Live with Facebook chat adding a greater total audience along with a full hall audience. After the preliminaries at the start were over, Leighton followed by Elliot gave their shared vision for New Zealand. Then followed a Q & A from the audience interspersed with our Facebook audience. Have a look at the video to see the full proceedings.

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