Jared Luke

Responsible for Social media

Jared has been working with New Conservative in support of social media and was appointed to the board in the 2019 conference.

His expertise in media and social networks has seen the party's online presence exceed that of larger parties.

Jared emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 2001 and quickly entered study in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in various fields of Consulting Engineering for over 14 years.


He is now proud to be a New Zealand Citizen.


Jared and his wife are raising five boys and are foster parents. 

Being a deer-stalker he is committed to addressing the injustice that has arisen with the treatment of law-abiding firearms owners. 


 The lead up to the 2017 Election motivated Jared to become active in politics as he witnessed the drive to suppress conservative values.

Jared believes New Conservative is the best option for everyone who, like him, want to see democracy being upheld, and the uniting of what is an ever increasingly fractured and separatist society.


He has joined with New Conservative to stand firmly for free speech ensuring that ideas are able to be discussed and heard, pushing back against the progressives insistence that they hold the monopoly on Truth.


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