Karl Barkley

West Coast Candidate

Karl is a 63 year old and father and grandfather with three adult children and three grandchildren.


Karl is here to represent the people of the West Coast-Tasman electorate, which is geographically the largest in New Zealand, going from south of Haast all the way up to the very north of the South Island, and from the western coastline to nearly as far eastward as Richmond.


It is an electorate with a unique set of needs and priorities.

Karl has lived and travelled throughout many parts of the electorate and has an understanding of what is important to the people and economy here.


Karl is a General Engineer who has always been logical, creative, practical, and someone who likes to solve problems.


He has also worked in forestry, sawmilling, mining, and the dairy and meat industry.


Eighteen years of his life have been spent in different areas of the West Coast, including Greymouth and Hokitika.


He began his engineering career through his apprenticeship with Skillings Implements in Rangiora, where he was part of a team that built the KAIRANGI range of hydraulic machines, e.g. forklifts, trucks, hydromixers, etc.


After that, he worked at the Dispatch Foundry in Greymouth. He was also involved in the engineering for the construction of Kokiri Meatworks, and he worked at R.A Garlick Engineers and the G&D Davidson Foundry in Hokitika.


Eventually, Karl took on the role of Sole Charge Engineer at Westland Co-op Dairy for two years where he attained his Boiler Tickets.


He then worked as a Boilerman at Westland Hospital.


From there, he moved into setting up KBS Engineering in the West Coast town of Kaniere, where he was the owner, and operated the business for more than seven years. After that, he moved to Southland for about twelve years, working in engineering, sales, and on a large dairy farm.


Karl is interested in organic farming and protecting New Zealand’s natural heritage.


He is also concerned about the devastating effects of 1080 on our environment.


Karl has always enjoyed keeping up with politics, but for years he had found it hard to find a political party worth backing — until he discovered New Conservative in 2018.


Karl considers the New Conservative team to be a great team.


He believes this party will play a key role in the 2020 election, and that this is the year for New Conservative.

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