Mel Taylor

Responsible for Social Media

Board Member, Northland Candidate

Mel is a driving force for the board of New Conservative. She epitomises the empathy, compassion and dedication that would be expected from someone who has provided fostering support for hundreds of some of the most vulnerable young people in society.


With her husband and children Mel provides the best outcomes possible while dedicating herself to New Conservative as a board member.

Her appreciation of the challenges that are facing our young people makes her insight and expertise invaluable to the governance and policy development.

As a driving force in the media and social networks for New Conservative she has contributed directly to the growing recognition of conservatism.

First becoming involved in politics in 2008 motivated by the erosion of parental rights she has continued to work for a better option for children who are not being adequately protected.

Rather than recoiling in despair Mel gets up everyday to be part of making a change and offers the real first hand experience  that means the solutions she offers are tangible and will be effective.

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