Mel Taylor

Northland Candidate


Mel Taylor was confirmed as candidate for Northland at the New Conservative conference in October 2019.

Mel is part of the Northland way of life, she has remained part of this community and appreciates the real challenges that is facing Northland.


There is no better person to advocate for the solutions that are needed to grow opportunity, improve the situation for vulnerable families and drive accountability from the organisations, agencies and representatives that are not delivering the best outcomes.


Mel and her husband run a home for high at-risk teenage boys and, over nearly 20 years, has cared for over 400 troubled teens.

It is this practical experience along with boundless energy that Mel will draw on to serve the Northland community. Mel is not seeking to be a politician she is seeking to be part of a solution that will give hope, opportunity and a dedicated voice.


A voice that will not be drowned out by compromise and political correctness. A voice that will demand answers and always speak with logic and common sense in the best interests of the North.


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