Michael Egleton

Coromandel Candidate

As the New Conservative Candidate for Coromandel, Michael stands for family-centered values, personal responsibility, commonsense solutions to growing problems in communities, and the protection of democracy.


He stands against unchecked governmental power, control and intrusion into the lives of New Zealanders.


Michael was Born in Nairobi, Kenya, and grew up in South Africa under the apartheid regime.


As a teen, he came to better realise the injustice of that regime and opposed it until its fall.


After gaining qualifications in accounting, Michael set off to explore the world. 


While in New Zealand, Michael met Vanessa.


Together, they have shared twenty three years of marriage, have raised three incredible daughters, and have made the choice in life to take “the road less travelled”.


Michael’s desire to be a part of the “New South Africa” led him and his family to return there for four years in the mid 2000s.


That was followed by three years in Israel, where Michael primarily worked in food parcel distribution, helping Israel’s most needy communities.


In 2010, Michael and the family returned to the Bay of Plenty.


In more recent years, he has worked for a successful local fruit export company, has developed a small kiwifruit block in Katikati, and has established the family blueberry farm.  


Like many other New Zealanders, Michael is concerned about our nation’s trend towards socialism, welfare dependence, moral decline, the breakdown of family life, social apathy, and signs of institutionalised separatism.


He finds it ironic that New Zealand — a country that objected so strongly in the 1970s and 1980s to South African apartheid — is now seeing the political Left embracing identity politics pushing for different forms of exclusivity along identity lines. 


Michael has good understanding and awareness of international affairs through his academic studies, professional career, and life experiences.


He wishes to see New Zealand uphold its historic track record of honesty and integrity on the international stage. He is against the betrayal of these values.


A recent example is New Zealand’s co-signing of UN Resolution 2334 and subsequent anti-Israel actions and policy. He argues there is something anti-Semitic about the exceedingly high expectations placed on Israel, while inordinately lower expectations are placed on other UN member states.


Michael believes it is the right and responsibility of each New Zealander to care for our children, families, communities and land, and that these rights and responsibilities should not be outsourced to international organisations.

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