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Our Policies

New Conservative Party Family Policy

Family Policy

New Conservative believes in the importance of families and the pivotal role they play in raising the next generation.

New Conservative Party JusticePolicy

Justice Policy

New Conservative believes rehabilitation must become the major focus for those in prison. We propose a 3-stage prison system.

New Conservative Party Democracy Policy

Democracy Policy

New Conservative recommends an electoral system where every vote counts and our rights are protected.

New Conservative Party Community Policy

Community Policy

New Conservative is committed to unified communities that will be made safer, healthier, and stronger through priority being given to what unites us and encourages respect towards our differences.

New Conservative Party Economic Policy

Economic Policy

New Conservative recognises the vital importance of a productive and resilient economy. We will pursue economic nationalism to ensure we are more resistant to global shocks.

New Conservative Party Environment Policy

Environment Policy

New Conservative is committed to preserving and enhancing our natural environment. This includes, but is not limited to, the air, fresh water, soil and oceans.

New Conservative Party Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

New Conservative is committed to putting New Zealand interests first in our dealings with other nations. We will support countries that share our common heritage and that value democracy and freedom.

New Conservative Party FirearmsPolicy

Firearms Policy

New Conservative will scrap all changes to NZ’s firearms legislation made since March 2019.New Conservative will repeal the Arms Amendment Act 2019 and any subsequent amendments.

Primary Industries Policy

The health of New Zealand’s economy is dependent on the rural farming community. As a nation, we have a strong rural backbone and government policy must encourage its continual improvement and innovation.