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Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) Policy

New Conservative recognises that the Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) is an agreement signed in 1840 between Māori Chiefs and the British Government, affirming that New Zealand shall have one sovereign government, which shall protect property rights, and that all New Zealanders shall have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as British subjects including the right to stand for election to government.

We will correct current legislation and policy, so that the capability and potential for those with Māori ancestry is respected and policy no longer assumes a lack of capability in that collective identity. Social, commercial, education, and health policy will be delivered based on need.

The corrections required will:

  • repeal race-based co-governance arrangements that have been built into legislation, recognising that New Zealand has one sovereign government and democratic process which includes the involvement of citizens of any ethnicity.
  • repeal any requirement for race-based consultation from the Resource Management Act on the basis that consultation with all affected parties already exists.
  • disestablish Māori electorates acknowledging that the separate Māori roll is dividing New Zealanders by ethnicity at the same time as dividing Māori. The original purpose for the separate Māori roll has long passed. MMP provides greater opportunity for minor party and special interest representation, and negates the need for segregation based on ethnicity.
  • disestablish the Waitangi Tribunal by repealing Sections 4-8 of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975. The final historic settlements still in progress will be negotiated directly with the Crown.
  • set a deadline to end Treaty settlements. The deadline for historical claims was September 2008 yet new claims are being added continually. An end date could be set within the first 100 days of a new government.
  • remove reference to “the principles” of the Treaty of Waitangi from legislation. Any reference to the Treaty should be to the actual Treaty which has no mention of principles.
  • repeal the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 to return ownership of the coastal and marine area to everyone, held in trust by the government.
  • review all race-based funding to ensure that funding is based on need not ethnicity, and that there is consistent transparent accountability for public funding.
  • protect and fund the teaching of Māori language and culture making it readily available, but not compulsory.
  • We will focus on delivering a future that provides opportunity to succeed, protection from harm, and recourse for any breaches to individual human rights.

Thirty years of expanding welfare delivery by successive governments has undermined our families/whānau and has created an underclass which has marginalised some of our most in need.

New Conservative is committed to stop Māori being treated as incompetent citizens. We will turn this around by giving support based on need, not race, and by encouraging personal responsibility and ensuring that all able-bodied adults are either caring for their dependents, in training, or working.