Value of Men and Women - New Conservative NZ

The Societal Value of Women and Men

New Conservative recognises the importance of women and men in our community, families, and workplaces.

Successful communities occur when all individuals have the opportunity and freedom to achieve their potential.

​We will continue to recognise that women’s contribution to society is not measured purely on the basis of remuneration.

Choice of career, decisions to work full or part time, taking promotion, should be based on personal preference and not on an expectation that earnings determine success or equality.

In recognising the value of women we see no positive benefit in legalised prostitution. We will adopt the Nordic model and criminalise the buying of sex from street prostitutes.

New Conservative recognises the value of men as husbands and fathers in the lives of their children and will correct any deficiencies and gender discrimination in the family courts.

We will continue to drive policy that protects all people from discrimination based on gender.

We will deliver social policy that helps stay-at-home parents who want to provide full-time care for their children, such as income splitting for tax purposes.