Economic Policy - New Conservative NZ

Economic Policy

New Conservative is committed to the following principles of economic governance:

  • Economic growth must come from a broad base of sectors, which is ultimately the source for pulling people out of poverty.
  • Government must run a balanced budget, pay down debt, and save for the future.
  • Families must be allowed to retain more of their incomes to provide for themselves and each generation should pay its own way.
  • Welfare support must never entrap people in benefit dependency.

New Conservative recognises the vital importance of a productive and resilient economy. To further that end, we will encourage New Zealand’s world-renowned entrepreneurial spirit and boost small businesses by cutting job-killing regulations. We will address bureaucratic waste and excessive government spending that is robbing the nation of greater prosperity. We will pursue economic nationalism to ensure we are more resistant to global shocks.

A sustainable building industry must be established to not only meet the housing crisis, but also ongoing development of our housing and building infrastructure. A balance must be struck between the important economic benefit that immigration brings and the welfare of those who already call New Zealand home.

Our country continues to import and use significant quantities of oil, gas, and minerals. New Conservative will practise proper stewardship (kaitiakitanga) of our treasures (taonga) by opening up the drilling and mining sectors to ensure that we achieve energy independence and meet the energy demands of the future.

New Conservative will overhaul the income tax system by replacing the bottom bracket with a $20,000 tax-free threshold.