Covid-19 Recovery Policy - New Conservative NZ

Covid-19 Recovery Policy

Due to the unique economic damage caused by COVID-19 and the government’s response to it, New Conservative would like to highlight elements of our economic policy that will aid businesses and families to recover quickly from the economic fallout.​

  • Income tax cuts will put up to $10 billion of stimulus into the pockets of New Zealand families.
  • Businesses will benefit from less red tape, a minimum wage freeze, and customers having more cash to spend.
  • Farmers will have less overhead due to the cutting of emissions targets, red tape, and wasteful regulations.
  • Cut spending by government departments through reducing waste and incentivising efficiencies. Less government control in areas such as education should allow for more to be spent on frontline staff.
  • Infrastructure spending focused on housing projects, as these provide more employment.
  • New Conservative is opposed to the use of quantitative easing and would work to reduce the accumulation of Crown debt.
  • ACC will no longer be available for visitors on short-term visas, who will be required to verify travel insurance when applying for their NZeTA or their temporary visa.
  • New Zealand has lost a major revenue source through the halt on tourism. We must retain the billions of dollars we have borrowed during the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand by doing the following: supporting New Zealand businesses before sourcing offshore, stopping the sale of land, businesses, and assets offshore, creating value-added exports, and taxing imports that are non-essential or have high waste value.
  • A moratorium on the offshore sale of state assets and New Zealand companies must be introduced to halt a fire-sale of income generating assets for quick financial relief.