Energy Independence Policy - New Conservative NZ

Energy Independence Policy

New Zealand is rich in natural resources, and yet we import so much from overseas.

New Conservative would reverse the ban on drilling and pursue the exploration of our oil, gas, and coal assets.

Our coal resources are also exceptionally clean, so by selling it to the countries that still heavily rely on coal we will improve the global environment and reduce pollution.

New Zealand must work towards energy independence in fuel production to ensure we are self-sufficient and a net-exporter. This will require more refineries, factories, and mines that will all create jobs and enrich the nation.

New Zealand needs more electricity generation capacity if we are to take advantage of innovations that will lead to the wide adoption of electric vehicles. Electricity production struggles to keep up with demand during droughts and power prices keep going up while dam projects are cancelled.

All sources of energy, from oil and gas to renewables, need to be considered to ensure that our grid is ready for the future, resilient, and affordable.

New Zealand needs to take back control of its waste handling and recycling, including allowing waste-to-energy in our largest cities.