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Immigration Policy

Immigration is central to many parts of New Zealand’s culture, economy, and future prospects.

New Conservative believes that there is a balance to be struck between the important benefits that immigration brings and the wellbeing of those who already call New Zealand home.

New Conservative believes that those who choose to immigrate should embrace New Zealand’s culture and work hard to assimilate into their new communities. We will ensure there is no acceptance or allowance of Sharia Law, or any other jurisdictional authority, that contravenes New Zealand’s heritage and constitution.

New Conservative will implement a “Net Zero Immigration” policy. This would be for a period determined by the time taken to ease housing demand, which could be as little as 12 months, with student visas and seasonal workers excluded. Long-term immigration policy must be based on which occupations will be available and necessary in the future.

​New Zealand should welcome those who can invest in us and stay here long-term, so that we can integrate them fully into our communities. New Zealand’s reliance on temporary work visas is bad for productivity, local business, and community building. Reducing our reliance on those visas will take the pressure off our housing market, provide long-term economic investment in stable local workforces, and lead to higher productivity and thus higher wages.

​New Conservative will work with NZ-based NGOs operating in troubled zones to identify refugees who are more closely aligned with our nation’s values, and fill our refugee quota with these people, rather than accepting the United Nations allotment. Examples of such refugees are persecuted Christians, pro-democracy Hong Kong political refugees, and South African farmers being forced off their land, many of whom share a common heritage with us.

New Conservative will rescind New Zealand’s commitment to the UN Global Compact for Migration.