Primary Industries Policy - New Conservative Party | New Zealand

Primary Industries Policy

The health of New Zealand’s economy is dependent on the rural farming community. As a nation, we have a strong rural backbone and government policy must encourage its growth, continual improvement, and innovation.

Conservation of the environment and sustainable practices are necessary for long-term profitability. New Zealand farmers are world leaders in the use of technology in farming, and encouraging forward-thinking farming practices will help build more prosperous rural communities.

New Conservative recognises the importance of horticulture, viticulture, forestry, fishery, and mining as industries vital to our economic prosperity.

New Conservative believes that developing agriculture and aquaculture intellectual property in New Zealand and protecting it well, is the key to improving outcomes in these key primary sectors.

New Conservative will repeal the Emissions Trading Scheme that drains billions out of our economy for no environmental gain.

New Conservative will protect productive farmland from urbanisation and reform the Resource Management Act to make infrastructure investment easier, while green spaces are maintained. Compliance costs and overheads for freshwater and waterway management will be reduced. Further changes to the Resource Management Act should include moving away from criminal charges, unless systemic reoffending occurs, and ensuring fines for environmental breaches are directed straight toward repairing and preventing further damage.

New Conservative opposes the ongoing policy of converting productive farmland to pine forests.

New Conservative would introduce larger fines for biosecurity breaches to more adequately reflect the risks posed to our primary sector. These funds would be committed to resourcing border security teams.