Replacing 1080 - New Conservative NZ

Replacing 1080

New Conservative will phase out 1080 as soon as alternative means of pest control are identified and available.

New Conservative will replace the use of 1080 with efficient trapping, luring, and hunting where applicable.

There are excellent trapping, and luring devices which have been developed and built in NZ and used in many other countries, which have also been proven to be extremely useful in eradicating pests, by D.O.C.

Traps are a more humane way of eradication, and they target specific species.

In the case of possums, meat and fur can be safely harvested, which in turn would create employment opportunities.

The argument that we need to use 1080 because it is the cheapest and most effective method of reducing predator numbers is worth challenging through trying alternatives. It has been proven that trapping can be highly effective, and targets specific species. They may be more expensive initially to reduce numbers, but could be more cost effective in maintaining those low pest numbers.

Replacing the use of 1080 with traps, will help to ensure that we have clean waterways, oceans and forests. It will also assist in rejuvenating forest and bush life and create business income and employment opportunities for many people.

New Conservative supports positive initiatives like predator-free Wellington and the goal to be the first predator free capital in the world using their own home built traps.