Abortion Policy - New Conservative NZ

Abortion Policy

New Conservative believes that both lives matter, and will save the lives of babies in the womb while protecting the lives of mothers suffering complications arising from serious medical issues.

Abortion should remain under the Crimes Act as it involves the choices of one or more people resulting in the death of another. The taking of another’s life is a crime, not a health issue, and must be considered as such.

Rights of the unborn

New Conservative is committed to ensuring that any abortion practised under The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977 is actually practised in accordance with that law, “having full regard for the rights of the unborn child.” The rights of the unborn child need to be defined in law.

A person’s beating heart has been considered a sign of life for millennia. The child in the womb, therefore, must be given the same human right to life as the mother if a heartbeat is detected. Protections will remain for doctors who cause the death of an unborn child while acting in good faith to preserve the life of the mother.

Stronger support

New Conservative will ensure that anyone seeking an abortion is given sufficient factual information through compulsory independent counselling and a minimum of 48 hours reflection time to make an informed choice on whether to continue. Such advice would include information on Pill Reversal for chemical abortions, alternative paths such as adoption, with prenatal and postnatal care and support.

New Conservative will address matters of coercion and other factors that may make an abortion illegal. ‘Persons of influence’ in such cases could be liable under the Crimes Act.

New Conservative will ensure that, except in highly exceptional circumstances, parental consent occurs regarding abortion procedures for children aged 16 and under.