Education Policy - New Conservative NZ

Education Policy

New Conservative recognises the vital role education plays in the holistic development of our children, from academics, to trades, to sports, to strong life relationships. Respectful relationships and great family values are essential for a successful life and society.

Everyone wants a better future for their kids and our vision is for an education that helps them:

  • achieve personal education goals; and
  • succeed in the workplace and contribute to our innovative and economic future.

Trade options

Our education system will always focus on quality academics, but we will add trade training as options for students with clear strengths in diverse areas. We will link academics to trades and students could graduate with early competence in their chosen vocation including tool skills, health and safety, driver’s licence, and first aid.

School choice

We want parents to be able to choose the education system they know is best for their children whether charter, correspondence, state, or vocational. Both charter and correspondence options have a proven success record.


New Conservative would replace bulk-funding of schools with funding that follows the child. Students will have funds allocated every school term that can be spent by their parents on schooling of their choice. Homeschoolers will be reimbursed their full education costs.

Relationship education

New Conservative is the only party prepared to discuss the ideological indoctrination of our children. We believe in holistic relationship education as it relates to every area of our lives and leads to success in life and society.

  • We don’t believe gender identity should be taught in schools, as research shows dysphoria is psychological not physiological. We would address it only to help those struggling. Students should use bathrooms, changing rooms and participate in sport based on their biological gender.
  • We do believe Family Planning should include abstinence and long-term relationships as the best options, with statistics showing the outcomes for all options.

Parental control

We believe sex education should be taught by parents, with support if needed. Parents should be notified of sex or gender programmes, and maintain the right to withdraw their children.

New Conservative is the only party prepared to speak out against the ideological indoctrination of our children regarding sex and sexuality, and also to call for gender dysphoria to be addressed as a psychological issue.