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Health Policy

New Conservative is committed to educating and empowering New Zealanders to take personal responsibility for their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

We will do this by emphasising the benefits of prevention and offering you more personal choice and control over your health care.

We also believe health services can be delivered more fairly and efficiently, and will address these shortcomings in the health system.

New Conservative will:

  • extend age-related, government funded, health checks to enable early intervention in common health issues.
  • make private health insurance tax deductible so it is more accessible to all New Zealanders.
  • investigate creating ‘Kiwi Health Accounts’. These would give people more choice and control over their health care. We believe prevention is important, and promoting healthy lifestyles would reduce the annual cost burdens on the health system. Any credit can be rolled over for future use in times of need.
  • provide additional health support for rural communities by increasing doctor training, and incentivising doctors, nurses, and midwives to work in “hard to staff” rural areas. We also want better funding to help Plunket cater for the needs of young rural New Zealanders.
  • investigate new ways to deliver efficient and practical age-care. Many New Zealanders hold serious concerns about age-care in New Zealand. We will investigate how to provide options for the elderly to ensure they get New Zealand’s best.
  • oppose euthanasia in any form and ensure palliative care of the highest quality is available to protect our elderly and the most vulnerable from abuse and pain.
  • consider and address the causes of health issues to ensure a broader heath approach. For example poor housing conditions can cause ongoing health problems.
  • ensure parents give their consent for all medical care and procedures for children aged 16 and under.
  • ensure vaccinations remain a personal choice for adults and a parental choice for children.
  • repeal the ‘COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020’.
  • create a means for secure nationwide access to patient history for District Health Boards so that patients get better care if they need help when visiting another DHB area. We would investigate reducing the number of DHBs to 5 across the country.
  • create government subsidies for eligible patients across all NZ health districts so that a doctor’s visit when away from home does not cost the same as it does an overseas visitor.