Pornography Policy - New Conservative NZ

Pornography Policy

Pornography is an ever-increasing problem in New Zealand. It is harmful to the mental health of individuals and our society. New Conservative believes young people should be able to surf the internet without being confronted by, or lured into, sexually explicit material and predatory situations.

New Conservative recognises the harmful effects that pornography has on individuals, families and our communities. While we know that a person’s first exposure to porn is usually accidental, boys are likely to then seek out more. Pornography objectifies vulnerable people, most commonly women and children, destroys relationships, and increases aggression in some.

Pornography impacts the brain in the same way that drugs do. Repeated or consistent exposure to it can lead to rewiring the brain to the point where things once considered inappropriate or disgusting, slowly become acceptable – even desirable. Pornography is inseparably linked to human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery, which continues to be a major issue in New Zealand and around the world.

New Conservative will:

  • introduce legislation requiring internet providers to block access to explicit adult websites by default. This would mean that all pornography in New Zealand would be blocked or filtered by default, and would only be made available to individuals when an ISP receives a request to unblock it from a customer with appropriate age identification. Opt-in rather than opt-out.
  • make sure that support networks and resources are readily available for those seeking help. In addition, we will ensure that recovery programmes are available for those caught in addiction.
  • support organisations that are focused on ending human trafficking.