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Youth Policy

New Conservative values children and youth and recognises the vital role parents play in their lives and decision-making.

​Parental control: Parents must be honoured as the primary caregivers and be able to decide what is best for their child. As such they should be notified of all medical procedures on their children 16 years and under, including abortion and immunisations.

Tax relief: We believe that parents should be eligible for a tax rebate equivalent to 20 hours per week of childcare subsidies, regardless of whether they care for their child at home or use the funds for childcare services.

New Ministry: New Conservative has called for the formation of an Independent Ministry of Children, Oranga Tamariki (MCOT) Complaints Authority to investigate all MCOT complaints and concerns.

Youth study: We believe a study on youth behaviour should be taken to determine whether concepts like curfews, improved sports funding, and increased family time initiatives would help curb unhealthy behaviour.

Suicide: New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world. It is a statistic which cannot be ignored. New Conservative is committed to exploring the causes, and implementing measures needed to tackle our suicide epidemic in New Zealand