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Foreign Policy

New Conservative is committed to putting New Zealand interests first in our dealings with other nations. We will support countries that share our common heritage and that value democracy and freedom.

At the United Nations, New Zealand will no longer support the interests of globalists and autocrats. The United Nations should not be a bureaucracy that attempts to impose its undemocratic agendas on the world, which is why we support a return to its original intent as a diplomatic forum.

New Conservative will:

  • stand with our allies at the United Nations, and withdraw funding from corrupt organisations like the UNHRC and UNRWA.
  • withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and repeal the ETS and other harmful agreements that undermine our economy. We will rescind the UN Global Compact for Migration and review any other international agreements that put our sovereignty at risk.
  • realign foreign policy to improve mutual trade and cooperation throughout the Commonwealth. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, along with the United States, are traditional allies that should stand together on the world stage.
  • advise and help our Pacific neighbours to assert their sovereignty against territorial and other threats from hostile or expansionist nations.
  • seek increased trade and cooperation with Australia, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and the ASEAN.
  • end the bloated foreign aid programmes and focus on international issues that matter to New Zealand and give us long-term benefits.