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Alcohol Policy

New Conservative acknowledges research which shows the brain damage excessive alcohol consumption causes to young people under 20. We believe that drinking responsibly needs a mature attitude which is often undeveloped when a young person leaves school and starts an independent life at 18 years old.

​It is unfair to expose our young people to such vulnerability at such a young age.

New Conservative will:

  • raise the purchasing and drinking age for alcohol to 20 years old.
  • enhance the responsibility of those who promote, sell, supply, and consume alcohol.
  • ensure that excise taxes collected from the sale of alcohol pay for the substantial costs associated with its misuse.
  • review the current accessibility of alcohol.
  • reinstate “drunk and disorderly” as a criminal offence.
  • implement a user-pays system for drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Drivers found over the legal alcohol limit and/or under the influence of illegal drugs will be required to pay all attributed costs, such as police time and testing costs. Those hospitalised for alcohol and/or drug-related incidents, would also be billed for that, and for the use of an ambulance.