Boot Farms Policy - New Conservative NZ

Boot Farms Policy

New Conservative believes that lock-up facilities are not the answer to many of our troubled youth’s problems. Many youth enter adulthood without the basic life skills of education, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene. They may lack respect for themselves and therefore others, and the experience of a happy, healthy, and prosperous family.

The concept of boot farms is to promote life skills and practical education. This is a holistic approach and youth would attend for a full year with strict boundaries, regular routines, and separation from negative environments.

The farms would eventually become financially independent through revenues from farming and manufactured products produced by the youth programs. Much of the food required for the boot farms would come from the farm such as meat, milk, fruit, and vegetables with the excess sold.

It has been proven that animals are fantastic therapy for children and youth. The youth’s behaviour will determine how much interaction they are allowed with the animals, and how much responsibility they will be given on the boot farm. Youth will be able to learn hands-on farming experiences such as milking, working a dairy and beef farm, shearing sheep, and animal husbandry. Education will also be part of the programme.

Specialised youth counselling services will also be available on boot farms.