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Drug Policy

The increasing availability and use of illicit drugs across the country is doing irreversible harm and robbing us of our potential as a nation.

New Conservative believes that the long-term solution is strong families and healthy relationships, which will help reduce the search for something to numb the felt pain so prevalent today.

In the short term, New Conservative will provide police and corrections staff with the powers and authority to drug test offenders on probation, home detention and bail. Police will also be able to test for drugs or alcohol if they suspect an offender has committed an alcohol or drug-fuelled violent assault. Those showing a pattern of addiction will be required to enter a drug addiction help programme with a proven success record.

​We will enforce legislation and increase penalties for illegal cannabis cultivation, distribution, and personal use. The detrimental effect of cannabis is well documented. Police leniency on cannabis users is not helpful to society, as it reinforces the incorrect belief that cannabis is harmless.

​New Conservative will implement a user-pays system for drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Drivers found over the legal alcohol limit and/or under the influence of illegal drugs will be required to pay all attributed costs, such as police time and testing costs. Those hospitalised for alcohol and/or drug-related incidents would also be billed for that, and for the use of an ambulance.