Rehabilitation Policy - New Conservative NZ

Rehabilitation Policy

New Conservative knows that the best outcome of an offender’s completed sentence is that they gain a new view on life and society that keeps them from reoffending. New Zealand’s 2009 reoffending rate within 2 years of release was 70%. It has not changed much since then, despite government goals.

​Reintegration: We believe that, along with our 3-stage sentencing plan for rehabilitation, more effort needs to go into helping ex-prisoners reintegrate with communities. At every step of the process they will be closely monitored and fully supported. Community groups which help offenders reintegrate with society will be better recognised and supported to make a real difference.

Education: Part of an inmate’s sentence will be completing a specified number of educational papers. These will be set in consultation with the inmate and relate directly to the likely employment they will find when released. Inmates with longer sentences will have the opportunity to complete trade training as a good behaviour incentive, which would give them greater employment opportunities and help them reintegrate.

Work: New Conservative believes that inmates should have meaningful and profitable work while in prison. The funds raised through working will be used to recompense victims of their crime, and support the cost of their incarceration and rehabilitation.