Million Babies Concert at Eden Park Cancelled

I read that the Hon Helen Clark was rejoicing over the cancellation of the Million Babies concert panned for Eden Park early next year. Her adulation she said was a result of the relief she felt for the poor suffering neighbours (including herself) who would have to put up with the disturbances of service vehicles and noise.

However, the Auckland Council received almost three times as many letters in support of the concert (360) from Aucklanders than it did opposing (127). A poll, commissioned by the trust and completed by UMR, also found that 87 per cent of 350 people questioned in nearby suburbs, and 91 per cent of 650 people across the rest of Auckland, supported holding the concert at the park.

I am left wondering if the real motivation behind Ms Clark’s opposition may have been the purpose of the concert, to raise money to save the lives of a million babies. And, sadly, what government body in this day and age would willingly and openly show support for such a mission.

New Conservative honour Ray Avery, the work he and his trust has done, and the investment he has made into saving the lives of the most vulnerable. What better investment can be made than one showing that the lives of the next generation are valuable and worth fighting for? Thank you Ray


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