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Protect Our People From 2019-nCoV

With all due respect and compassion to the people living in the high-risk areas and the restriction on their travel, the current decision of inaction by our government is unacceptable.

The UN.

Helen Clarke has reported that the UN is under threat as the US has cut some funding. We need to ask why it has cut funding, and if that is because the UN has moved on from its initial function, which was to promote world peace.

Government Persecutions Making us Less Safe

It is blatantly obvious that, instead of making New Zealand safer, the firearms law changes that bull-dozed over the legal firearms community have made New Zealand a more dangerous place. The number of mainstream media-reported illegal firearms incidents in the last week alone is alarming:

Climate Education in Schools a Disaster

Training children about a climate emergency under the current format will be a disaster as the government is giving false hope to our children that they can control the climate - when they can't.

Unnecessary Waste of Resources on Firearms Ideology

Last night twelve armed police officers raided the home of a young family with a newborn child searching for a lever action .22. No police record and no criminal convictions.

Conservative Win is a Victory for Democracy

Brexit is taking its toll on the people of Britain as the politicians charged with representing them have continually failed to honour the referendum and the expressed desire of the voting population. Boris Johnson’s commitment to fulfil that desire has gained a clear majority in today’s election.

Legalised Dope. Another Nail in the Coffin for Small Business.

Small business owners are struggling in New Zealand. Legalising cannabis has no benefit for us as a society but it is just one more issue that this government wants to dump on overworked business owners giving them all responsibility but no authority.

Free Speech Almost Gone!

Over the weekend, Andrew Little declared that, "We need to signal in our law what is acceptable and what is not acceptable," and that the Human Rights Act would indeed be changed.
"Freedom of speech is the foundation for all other freedoms," says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei

State Places Firearms Owners at Direct Risk, Again!

The police and this government have placed the law-abiding firearms community in direct danger, again. "This is a massive betrayal of what remains of the trust that NZ firearms owners had in the police," says NC Firearms spokesperson Victoria O'Brien.

The Destructive Religion of Julie-Anne Genter

The Green MP’s call for ACC to divest of its $1Bl investment in fossil fuels overlooks a few basic truths clearly understood by New Conservative and the average New Zealander.

Government Creating Homelessness

“This government is failing its citizens, and the immigrants they are allowing into the country, when they cannot deliver necessities such as a place to live,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative leader.

Curtailing the CO2 Gravy Train

New Conservative has consistently stood behind its commitment to remove New Zealand from the Paris Accord and to abandon the ETS, diverting the billions of dollars lost overseas to developing real pollution solutions for our waterways, our air, and our land.

New Conservative says NO to Zero Carbon Tax

“New Conservative would remove New Zealand from the Paris Agreement 2015, stop the wasteful ETS and concentrate on pollution reduction rather than carbon control,” says Leighton Baker, Party Leader.

TVNZ Creates an Affront to our Nation

Following on from the tragedy that occurred in March this year, New Zealand was applauded for standing united against hatred. In direct contrast, this documentary has been created to broaden a racial divide and effectively encourage hostility.

Botany Deserves More in 2020

New Conservative announced the first four electorate candidates at their recent Annual Conference, and the expectation of genuine community representation was highlighted in these announcements.

Government Hindering Police from Core Duties

The New Zealand Police have been used as a political pawn which is stretching their resources and seriously affecting their ability to address the real causes of crime, such as gang related supply of illicit drugs.

Ihumātao Failure Costs Us All

An argument within mana whenua and non-mana whenua has now, with the intervention of Kiingitanga, threatened to undermine private property rights as well as bring every Waitangi Treaty settlement back under scrutiny.

Government Should Own Economic Downturn

“The GDP figures released today confirm the diminishing confidence New Zealanders are feeling in this economy and their reluctance to invest energy, initiative and innovation, under a government that has been critical of capitalism,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

What Happened to Balanced Reporting?

Mainstream media, as the purveyors of truth and source of balanced information, took another backward step today with the announcement by Stuff that most New Zealand organisations had joined 170 media outlets from around the world in the “Covering Climate Now” project.

Building on Faulty Foundations

The Government's announcement today of the Kiwibuild “reset” has again proven that intervention and control does not deliver positive outcomes for hardworking New Zealanders.

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