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David And Goliath Battle As South Auckland Youthworker Sets To Debate Senior Massey Academic

In an environment of simmering racial tension and political correctness, New Conservative Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei will debate Professor Paul Spoonley at Victoria University next Monday night.

Anti-Freedom Policies Give Way To Direct Military Control

"We have never seen such a direction for the military to have  powers over New Zealand men, women and children, while under the direct command of Labour politicians. We now enter a time of direct and imminent threat to our nation's freedom." Elliot Ikilei

More Evidence of the Government’s Fiscal Incompetence

It is no wonder Kiwibuild is such an abject failure when the government thinks this amount of money is reasonable for a slide. How could they ever manage something as intricate as a dwelling?

New Conservative Conference Venue Confiscated for the Second Time

Three days before New Conservative launches their 2020 campaign, the government has arbitrarily shut down the booked venue, the Pullman Hotel.

Government Looking Progressively Worse in Delayed Investigation

Today's article in Stuff, reporting on the failures by NZ Police in giving Tarrant his NZ firearms licence, is a clarion call to Parliament to stop blaming NZ licensed firearms owners for government agency mistakes.

Black Lives Are Not Important To BLM

"The Nazi party were marxists who used nationalism to feed their own power. BLM are marxists using skin colour to feed their own power. They profit from black deaths, not black lives."

Regions Need to Take Control of Racing

Robbing communities of their assets is not the way forward for the racing industry. New Conservative Racing spokesman Lachie Ashton urges industry leaders to connect with their grassroots support and clubs earmarked for closure based on the Massara report, and find a better way of restructuring.

Petition of Helen Houghton Ignored

“The safety of all children will continue to be in danger when we teach them politically driven ideologies about sex and gender, which confuse them with concepts that are developmentally age-inappropriate.”

Black Lives Are Not Important To BLM

"The Nazi party were marxists who used nationalism to feed their own power. BLM are marxists using skin colour to feed their own power. They profit from black deaths, not black lives."

Government Rejects Opportunities for Covid Recovery

Awarding major government contracts to foreign companies sends hard earned tax dollars out of New Zealand. There is no benefit for New Zealand in that. Keeping contracts and services within New Zealand keeps jobs, skills, and finance in our country.

Racing Industry in Crisis

NZRB/RITA have gone from approximately $104 million in equity to insolvency in 12 years. Their 2019 report shows a loss of $28.5 million, up from $15.8 million in 2018. Total equity was  $24.9 million, down from $53.5 million in 2018. RITA’s mid-year report is overdue.

Government Move in the Right Direction

"Scrapping consent requirements for small, low risk building is a step in the right direction of reducing government control and removing barriers for productivity," says Party Leader Leighton Baker.

Light Rail or Something Superior?

“We need to get into the 21st century with our thinking, stimulate our economy with New Zealand made, and increase our export potential with pollution solutions,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “And SkyCabs meets all these requirements and should be evaluated.”

Time for a Water Ministry?

Water is essential for life, it drops from the sky and makes its way on and below ground to the sea to be evaporated and dropped again. No one should own it and we need a designated system to manage it for the good of all New Zealanders.

New Conservative Will Not Work With the Coalition

"We will not work with those who seek to replace the pillars of our great nation with the most murderous ideology in human history," says Elliot Ikilei.

Caregivers on the Critical List

"The new more alarming epidemic in New Zealand is around mental health, and we need to let people out to get the breaks and interactions they need for their mental well-being," says Leighton Baker, New Conservative leader. 

What Lies Beneath The Checkpoints

"We are one people, regardless of the ideological desires of race-baiting politicians, and this is our nation," says Elliot Ikilei.

Further Assaults On The Firearms Community Today

Today, the first day that Parliament is sitting after almost 5 weeks of a nationwide lockdown, the Arms Legislation Bill (commonly known as the 2nd tranche) is on the Parliamentary Order Paper as a Bill for consideration. New Conservative opposes this bill entirely.


While Covid-19 has been blamed for around 0.1% of our deaths this year, there is no empirical evidence that human contribution to the climate has added to any fatalities.

Control, Covid and the Children of Marx

“Beneath the seemingly gentle, shallow waves of Prime Minister Ardern's smile and calls for "kindness" lies the darker, if more honest, insidiousness of Minister Little's policies

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