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Alister Hood is the New Conservative candidate for Mt Roskill.

Alister is a civil engineer who grew up in Sandringham and attended Mt Roskill Grammar School and Auckland University. His wife Jessy is from the Philippines, and Alister and Jessy have two young daughters.

He observes that for decades, government policies have attacked the family unit, undermined parents, defeated justice and subverted democracy. He is representing New Conservative because he sees it to be the only political party with the courage to stand for traditional family values and the freedoms for which previous generations fought and died. His view is that we have taken these things for granted and now they are rapidly being destroyed. Evil prospers when good men do nothing—and it is time for us to do something.

Alister says “as an engineer I am driven to solve problems and fix anything broken, and as a Christian, my heart compels me to help others.”

He wants to see a New Zealand where rules and regulations work, encouraging businesses to succeed and grow, rather than putting up barriers and drowning them in red tape. And he wants to see a New Zealand where the government works, instead of finding more and more ways to waste money.

He wants his daughters to grow up in a country where the justice system works so they can feel safe walking the streets. A country where the school system works instead of failing so many young people. A country where children are allowed to be children, instead of being brainwashed with the fear of a climate apocalypse or encouraged to question their identity or sexuality when they are young and impressionable. A country where people can speak the truth without the fear of being vilified, persecuted or prosecuted. A country where everyone is encouraged to succeed. A country where the government is accountable to the people, not vice versa. And a country where life is precious.

Alister believes that the foremost duty of government is to protect and defend the most vulnerable in society. While the current government preaches “kindness”, it has conspired with other parties to legitimise the extermination of its most vulnerable and innocent citizens. No nation can murder its children and expect to succeed.

He is with New Conservative because he feels very strongly that New Zealand needs change, and New Conservative is the only party which will bring that change.

Mt Roskill voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Alister Hood.