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Ally Kelleher is the New Conservative candidate for Taieri.

She is fourth generation Dunedinite, a mother of five, and a grandmother of three. 

Ally wants to help promote, encourage and provide a fair, safe, free and prosperous society for all Kiwis. She has a passion for justice, equality under the law, empowerment, and the belief that every person is important. New Conservative represents her core fundamental values.

Ally is an entrepreneur and business owner with 20 years of experience in hospitality, real estate and small business. She has connections to the farming and trades sectors through her family and background. All of this has contributed to her interest in business and founding her own cleaning, property and lifestyle solutions company. She believes that what is key to the success of a company like hers is to function as a cog in a community, adding value to the lives of busy people. It also relies on its own commitment to building and empowering staff.

Her personal life, work and business experience have given Ally insight, understanding and empathy into the daily struggles of working families. She believes our current tax system does not encourage responsible and hardworking people to provide for themselves and their families. If someone is doing two jobs in order to make ends meet, they should not need to pay secondary tax.

Ally also has insight into New Zealand’s family court system, and feels very strongly that the way it often operates is not conducive to understanding or acknowledging the different types of abuse that can affect both children and parents.

Ally believes that more education around practical life skills needs to be introduced in schools. This would help many young people in their personal growth, development and future prosperity. Topics should include budgeting, insurance, cooking, self-defence, mindfulness, fitness and setting goals.

Ally would like to see contemporary New Zealand society beginning to change for the better again. We need good men, women, parents, mentors, role models, coaches, and leaders in order to help build resilient individuals, families and communities.

Taieri voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Ally Kelleher.