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Bill Dyet is the New Conservative candidate for Northcote.

Bill has lived on the North Shore since the late 1980s. He is married with three sons.

Bill was an Aircraft Engineer for Air New Zealand for 26 years. He then took time out from work in 2006 to complete an MBA at Massey University, which he passed with distinction. More recently, he has worked again as an aircraft engineer and an airline security manager with Airwork.

Although this is the first time Bill is standing as a candidate, he has extensive experience in politics. Bill was involved in political campaigns in the 1980s and 1990s for Labour, Green, and the Christian Heritage Party. His involvement in Green contributed to the party gaining 7% of the party vote in the Glenfield electorate in the 1990 election.

After becoming more right-thinking (i.e. correct thinking), he joined the Christian Heritage Party (CHP) in 1991, eventually becoming a Regional President for the party during the 1993 and 1996 elections, where he was responsible for Glenfield, Northcote, Takapuna, North Shore and East Coast Bays. After the 1996 election, he stayed out of politics until May this year when he decided it was time to make a difference and stand for New Conservative in Northcote.

The last straw for Bill was the Abortion Legislation Bill, which has since become the Abortion Legislation Act 2020. In plain terms, the act allows children to be murdered up to birth. He understands young mothers are being lied to about the trauma of abortion, and he believes strongly that adoption is the right choice. Bill is certain that more work needs to be done to make adoption an easier, faster, and viable option in New Zealand for all parties involved.

Bill is also opposed to human-made climate change theories being espoused by the left. The ruse of governments and the UN working towards being “carbon zero” by 2030, 2050 or 20-whenever will ruin the New Zealand economy, and that is a far bigger threat to life than a 2°C average change in temperature! Bill says that it is lucky there is still one sensible political party remaining that is not buying into this, and that is New Conservative.

In Bill’s words: “The history of revolutions demonstrates that there is an active campaign throughout the world to undermine and eventually end the freedom and democracy that we take for granted. The slow push leftwards — i.e. downwards — will only be stopped when people like us stand up and speak out.”

Bill looks forward to working with the people of Northcote to see New Zealand returning back to being the exemplary country and nation it was not so long ago — and the country and nation it should be.

Northcote voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Bill Dyet.