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Bronnie Lyell is the New Conservative candidate for Selwyn.

Bronnie grew up in small town New Zealand and has lived rurally for most of her life. Bronnie is the mother of three adult children. She and her husband recently moved to Lincoln in Canterbury in order to be closer to family.

Bronnie has a background in nursing, and has been a counsellor since 2008. She has worked in private practice and has also worked with social service agencies.

Throughout her career, Bronnie has supported people from all walks of life, especially teenagers and their families during difficult times. Despite dealing with often very complex cases that have ranged from grief and trauma to suicidal ideation, Bronnie feels privileged to have seen many clients bounce back and find skills and strength in overcoming adversity.

Deeply aware of the challenges facing many families in this nation, Bronnie has become increasingly concerned about the circumstances of many people. She has observed a steady erosion of personal rights and freedoms which has led to an increased breakdown of the family, and this in turn is weakening communities. Bronnie has also seen ill-conceived social and economic policies, inefficiencies in the way things are done, resourcing problems, and communication breakdowns, and the way these can all have very negative effects on individuals and families. This relates both to the public sector and to successive elected governments.

Bronnie says it is time to restore value to the people of New Zealand, and to give regular kiwis a voice. She believes strongly that New Conservative’s Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda will go a long way in helping New Zealand begin to see this again.

Bronnie advocates that we stand up for our freedoms and restore policies that value life from the womb to the tomb. She considers New Conservative policies to be practical, sensible and achievable, and is confident that they will go a long way in restoring hope for many New Zealanders.

Outside of politics, Bronnie’s passions include a love of the outdoors, gardening, horse riding, hiking and travel.

Bronnie truly loves this great country, and feels ready to represent both the Selwyn electorate and the nation in fighting for a better future: for us living today, and for future generations.

Selwyn voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Bronnie Lyell.