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Bronnie Lyell

Selwyn Candidate

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My husband and I recently moved to Canterbury and now live in Lincoln.

The move was to be near family. I am a mother of 3 adult children, one of whom has special needs. Over the years I have worked in various jobs including outdoor adventure and sales.

I have a nursing background, but I have worked as a Counsellor since 2008. I have worked with people from all walks of life and especially teens with suicidal thoughts and trauma.

I have loved working to support people through challenging times and see them find skills and strength to overcome the challenges they were facing.

This has been both in private practice as well as for Social Service agencies.

Having been keenly aware of the challenges facing the families of this Nation, I have become increasingly concerned for regular New Zealanders. There has been a steady erosion of personal rights and freedoms which has led to an increased breakdown of the family, which is weakening our communities.

There has been a continual assault against New Zealanders by successive governments and very disappointing that National has done nothing to reverse legislation that Kiwis clearly didn’t want.

This current government has blatantly ignored submissions on the Abortion bill, the gun legislation and has implemented cruel, barbaric practices into New Zealand.

It’s time to stand up for our freedoms and families.

My hobbies include a love of the outdoors, gardening, horse riding, hiking, and travel.

I love New Zealand and I’m ready to stand for a better future for our future generations.

New Conservative is the party with the best values that will allow true people of NZ to have a voice with binding referendums.

I’m honoured to stand for the Selwyn electorate for New Conservative.