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Bruce Welsh

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“Our education system is becoming more and more of a political tool to push certain ideologies and losing focus on the basic skills people need for life.”

Bruce was raised on a farm near Marton, came to Wellington for university and stayed. His five children followed that lead, all attaining university degrees in the sciences with two gaining doctorates.

An architect (BBSc BArch ANZIA), Bruce has run his own business in suburban Kilbirnie for the past 27 years. Now employing 10 people, the practice specialises in alterations and the repair of leaky homes along with new housing and general commercial work.

Every week he meets with people who want to improve their living accomodation for their family. Unfortunately often these dreams get thwarted by red tape and regulation. As he says often: “We are over regulated.”

Maths is a keen interest for Bruce. He has spent many years successfully coaching students for problem solving competitions and has been president of the Wellington Mathematics Association, publicly challenging NZQA in 2016 over the infamous “NZQA exam that made students cry” (Newshub article) debacle. He also recently published a book on problem solving.

In response to a growing inequity in the community, Bruce and his wife have initiated a local free meal for the community. This now provides a solid nutritious meal for 50 people weekly. This is not seen as a solution but of a way of helping others.

“Handing out money and freebies does not solve poverty. What is needed is meaningful activities, jobs and accomodation.”

“Recent governments seem to be doing much the same thing whether blue or red or mixed and our social statistics keep getting worse. There is so much more we could do as a country to support, encourage and enable kiwis.

It is not politicians who will make a difference, it is us; you and me and our families.”