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Caleb Ansell

Civil Liberties Spokesman

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Caleb is a 28-year-old Northland born Kiwi, and happily married to his wife Holly, who is a teacher in a rural Waikato school.

Caleb has worked in a myriad of industries, from driving trucks and operating heavy machinery to making coffee and mowing lawns. He attempted to start his own lawncare business just after high school, with limited success. Caleb was involved with the Life Centre Trust in Auckland, helping feed 10,000 families over Christmas in a few short weeks.

Caleb studied theology and Christian apologetics at Lifeway College. He then did further study, and in 2014, he travelled to the Middle East to spend a month there debating with religious leaders. Caleb has a real passion for debate, and he has debated a senior scholar of the Tauranga masjed.

In the past, Caleb has struggled with depression, and he has been able to overcome this. He has a deep drive to help those who struggle with mental health issues. Caleb has had not just one, but two open heart surgeries, giving him particular insight into how the health system works, and a passion for fighting any kind of illness.

Caleb is a firm believer in the individual over the collective. He is proud to see how far he has come, and believes that anyone can overcome the challenges they face with the right support. Caleb also believes that the best person to make decisions for you is YOU. Seeing the effects of government overreach both in his studies and around the world, Caleb believes that the best kind of government is limited government.

Caleb believes New Zealand can come back from the brink. He is ready to fix this.

So let’s fix this.