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Caleb Honiss

Banks Peninsula Candidate

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Caleb Honiss is the New Conservative candidate for Banks Peninsula.

Caleb, living in Christchurch with his wife and young son, started his building company specialising in Decking jobs in 2014. With 10 staff he has expanded this to property development to provide quality affordable homes to South Island Kiwi families.​

Caleb enjoys beekeeping with a rapidly expanding business, providing learning and work opportunities to younger people who are keen to learn more about beekeeping.

Caleb enjoys hunting for Thar in the Southern Alps, diving for Paua in one of the bays, surfing at Sumner Beach or Rock Climbing in the Port Hills for recreation.​

He grew up on a farm and worked in dairy farms long enough to understand the frustration of farmers for being blamed for environmental challenges. New Zealand farmers are revolutionary, incredibly efficient, and deserve better than being taxed through ETS with no measurable benefit.

As a firearms owner and keen hunter, the emotionally charged undemocratic amendments to the Firearms Act were very frustrating and disappointing. Current changes to legislation are rushed, unsatisfactory, confused and unjust with no apparent public safety benefit.​

The same lack of democracy was also evident in the recent Abortion Legislation Act 2020, where almost 95% of submitters to the committee were denied the opportunity to make an oral submission.​

Caleb’s experience with At-Risk youth shows him that strong families, especially  where fathers are highly involved, create strong communities. New Conservative is committed to strengthening the Kiwi family unit.​

Caleb’s experiences as a youth worker, employer, businessman, parent, and as an outdoorsman gives him a strong base to represent New Conservative. The strong family values, emphasis on free speech and common sense approach to policies strongly reflect his own, and he looks forward to making a stand for you and your community in this election.