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David Arvidson is the New Conservative candidate for Papakura.

David was born in Pukekohe and ended up settling down in nearby Papakura. During his life, David has also lived in the Hawke’s Bay, and abroad — in Western Samoa and the United Kingdom. With a degree in Agricultural Economics, his career has been split between farming and the housing and property sector in the Auckland area. He has been a project manager for subdivisions and new builds, and has managed investment teams.

David believes that in life, and in business, you learn to prioritise. For example, it is no use buying a holiday package if that leaves you without enough money for food. Likewise, it’s no good looking to the government to build better homes with the current legislation we have in place. He argues that when comparing the number of government builds promised versus the number actually delivered, it’s obvious that unless we change our ways of working, we won’t see this problem solved during our lifetimes.

While David has found his career very rewarding, the projects that have been his favourites have been the people-centred projects he has taken on over the years. He and his wife have provided home schooling to their own children and other children in their community. They have been involved in Sunday school teaching. Their home has been a place to stay for many New Zealanders and people from overseas. David has also been involved in charitable trusts relating to youth development.

One of David’s long term interests has been in nutrition and its effects on brain development in children and adolescents. He has also coached a variety of team sports, adventure sports, and social sports.

David supports New Conservative because he believes Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda will provide checks and balances on government. He also believes that the family unit has always been the most important base for a successful society. David was raised by his mother who was a widow, but as well as from his mother, he also received invaluable guidance from men in his life who were role models. David believes it is becoming more difficult today for many young people to find support in the family and community, and this is the consequence of social and governmental changes that have adversely affected New Zealand’s social fabric.

In David’s own words: “Life in New Zealand, for myself, has been pleasure in paradise. We have had freedom from war and a benevolent government. Let’s ensure the foundations of our great society remain in place for the next generations.”

Papakura voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to David Arvidson.