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David Greenslade is the New Conservative candidate for Kaikōura.

David is a grandfather, father, and husband. He and his wife Dominique have been married for 49 years, have three children and two grandchildren and are strong believers in the importance of family values.

David has lived for a significant number of years in sunny Blenheim. His lifelong interests include sport, a wide range of music and travel.

He has had a variety of different work experience throughout his life, including in the areas of sales, budget advice and education. Between 1988 and 2015, David was self-employed in the business of industrial safety equipment and first aid supplies.

David became involved with New Conservative because they have policies that are important to him, including the policies relating to family, justice, democracy and community.

When it comes to family, David believes that too much responsibility has been taken away from parents, and the realm of the family has been encroached on too much by government.

When it comes to justice, David would like to see improvements in law and order, and would like to see that people who are serving sentences have opportunities to work towards fitting back into normal life on release with the chance to improve their own situation.

When it comes to democracy, David wants to see the voice of the people being better heard, because for too long, that voice has been ignored by governments. It is for this reason that David strongly supports New Conservative’s Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda policy.

When it comes to community, David’s experience in education and budget advice has taught him that many of the social problems New Zealanders face today could be better remedied with practical solutions that would go a long way in helping people help themselves. He believes not enough responsibility has been taken by successive governments to offer initiatives that are based on this important general principle.

David has a strong desire to represent, serve, and work on behalf of the people of the Kaikōura electorate.

Kaikōura voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to David Greenslade.