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Dieuwe de Boer is the New Conservative Candidate for Botany.

Dieuwe (DEE-wuh) de Boer is a father, husband, devout Presbyterian, conservative commentator, software developer, licenced firearms owner, and unapologetic nationalist. He is 25 years old and married with three young children.

Dieuwe has lived in Counties Manukau since his family moved to New Zealand from The Netherlands nearly 20 years ago. He attended a local Christian school where he met his wife, Amie. He has a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies from the Manukau Institute of Technology, and has worked as a software developer for eight years.

Three years ago, Dieuwe co-founded the right-wing website and group Right Minds NZ. He has been involved in conservative commentary and activism, defending freedom of speech and gun rights while opposing cultural decay. Dieuwe was a member of the Auckland Economics Group for many years and understands the value that a free and open market brings to a prosperous society.

He’s a student of the Austrian and Chicago schools of economic thought. He believes that personal responsibility, common traditions, and the primacy of the family are the essential foundation to a cohesive nation state.

In his spare time, Dieuwe enjoys gardening, the outdoors, and a bit of martial arts. He also loves the classical languages, arts, music, literature, and architecture, and likes to collect books on theology, economics, politics, and history.

“My dream is to see a government focused on its primary duty of upholding justice, defending natural rights, and protecting the lives of the people. I want to see an end to the barbaric sacrifice of thousands of the nation’s unborn children through abortion. I see it as vital that the traditional family is restored to the centre of our society and economy.”

Botany voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Dieuwe de Boer.