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Elliot Ikilei

Party Leader

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Elliot is the dynamic and passionate Leader of New Conservative.

He is recognised as the champion for the protection of free speech, taking the political lead to defend against attacks on our fundamental right to hear, discuss and express ideas and thoughts.

Through life experience and his life’s work with vulnerable youth, Elliot is everything New Zealand politics needs. He is a realist and calls it how it is, confronting the environment of political correctness with cold hard truth about the realities facing our most vulnerable.

Elliot became involved in politics in 2014 because the only place to make real change is where the rules are made. He is committed to stopping the cycle of dependency that leads to despair.

Recognising that the time for polite debate and pleasant conversations has passed, Elliot brings years of “front line” experience to New Conservative, so that the status quo can be challenged, and better outcomes for our most vulnerable can be delivered.

“Government policies post 1980s have fractured family structures, leading to confusion, hopelessness and rage. These breakdowns have led to the outpouring of pain and frustration we see in our young people. We need to be able to make the tough decisions that will turn things around,” says Elliot.

Elliot has continued to speak out against the erosion of our freedoms which has resonated with New Zealanders, resulting in the growing appreciation of the need for conservative values.