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Fuiavailili Ala’ilima is the New Conservative candidate for Māngere.

“‘O le ala i le Pule o le Tautua’ means ‘the way to Authority is through Service’. I come from a long line of servants, my Grandparents and both of my Parents were servants of God. My Grandparents and my Father served the Ekalesia Metotisi of Samoa, while my mother was the founder of the Emanuelu Christian Ministry”.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Fuiavailili had the honour of being a Substance Abuse Counsellor and Samoan Community Liaison for a nationwide rehabilitation organisation. Having also worked in PR as a Campaign Advisor for two Republican party U.S. Congressional Candidates, and one Republican State Senate Candidate, he is familiar with the territory of politics.

Alongside the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, he worked with people with drug addictions and with groups of at-risk Samoan, Tongan and Cambodian youth who were involved in street gangs, and the families of those affected.

While in California, Fuiavailili earned a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies from California State University. Prior to that, he earned an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from the American Samoan Community College, and a Diploma in Ministry from Apia, Samoa’s South Pacific Rhema Bible Training Center.

Fuiavailili’s faith suggests to him that he has been called for “such a time as this”.

Fuiavailili began his service in New Zealand as a Social Worker in Schools, working with children and families in educational settings which uniquely prepared him for his most recent role as a Public Health Promoter in South Auckland.

Specialising in Gambling Harm Minimisation, Fuiavailili worked with the Ministry of Health, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Internal Affairs and local healthcare providers to develop community programmes focusing on the Pacific community in the South Auckland region.

As an American of Samoan and Tongan descent, Fuiavailili Ala’ilima has had the privilege of serving communities wherever he felt called to do so. In both the US and Samoa, Fuiavailili has worked to help restore the lives of people in impoverished conditions, sharing his values and a message of hope. Now, as a New Zealand citizen, he believes it is time for him to serve the Mangere electorate.

Māngere voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Fuiavailili Ala’ilima.