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Helen Houghton

Christchurch East

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Helen Houghton is the New Conservative candidate for Christchurch East.

Helen is a Primary School teacher and the founding director of an NGO Charitable Trust supporting women and families.

Working within the community, she engages closely with vulnerable children using trauma based therapy in her roles as a foster caregiver and a community support worker.

As a teacher, Helen recognises that New Zealand has a top education system, with quality teaching and support staff who dedicate their lives to educate our young. However, she has become increasingly concerned with the inclusion of some controversial content into the curriculum and the erosion of the fundamental rights parents to be engaged with curriculum changes.

As part of the Christchurch East community, Helen sees every day how important it is to invest in the family unit, outside recognising that New Conservative is the only party that has prioritised the family within its policies. She is dedicated to protecting children and providing parents with sustainable tools to change generational cycles of dysfunction.

Helen stood out for her commitment to protecting children in education when she led the petition to remove gender ideology from education. Her motivation to make sure that children are provided a safe place for learning drove her to be a voice of balance and reason, and she was recognised for her efforts by Family First.

This level of drive, dedication and integrity is what Helen will bring to her role as representative for Christchurch East.

Christchurch East voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Helen Houghton.