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Ian Sampson is the New Conservative candidate for Pakuranga.

Ian was born 1939, and comes from the New Plymouth area, where his family have farmed since 1842. Politics and business are in Ian’s blood. His father had a small dairy farm, was the National Party chairman for New Plymouth, was involved with Federated Farmers, and was a Trustee of the Taranaki Savings Bank. 

While growing up, Ian attended Fitzroy Primary School then New Plymouth Boys’ High School. After finishing school, he worked on farms, eventually taking over the family farm. But like many other farming blocks in New Zealand in the latter part of the twentieth century, the farm became too small to be economically viable, so Ian sold it in 1972.

He then developed the incurable addiction of driving taxis, which he has now been doing in Auckland for 48 years.

Ian is a husband and a father. His wife Hope is from the Phillippines, and he has a 25-year-old son.

During his years in the taxi business, Ian also helped to construct his own house and a number of other houses, was part-owner of a Caltex service station, and was a lawn mowing contractor. He has always liked to stay busy and active, considers exercise to be important, and swims at least five times a week.

Even though Ian came from a National family background, and was originally a National supporter, he hasn’t actually voted for National since 1981. As far back as the 1980s, he became disillusioned with the party and what he saw as socialist policies under Rob Muldoon. So in 1983, he helped to start Sir Bob Jones’ New Zealand Party — the party that contributed to Rob Muldoon being voted out of office in the 1984 election.

Since the 1980s, Ian has been involved in groups that support Proportional Representation and Binding Referenda, and since 2011, this has led to his involvement in the (New) Conservative party. His beliefs generally align with New Conservative’s policies around individual freedom, free speech, and one law for all New Zealanders. And from all those years of driving taxis and talking to many people, what does he know? He knows how people think.

Ian has lived in Pakuranga for 14 years and is pleased to represent New Conservative in this electorate.

Pakuranga voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Ian Sampson.