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Jan-Marie Quinn is the New Conservative candidate for Taupō.

Jan-Marie is a grandmother, mother and wife. She and her husband Michael have seven children and five grandchildren.

Jan-Marie discovered New Conservative after an online chat with an acquaintance. She had been searching at the time for a political party that aligned well with her views. She found New Conservative to have policy she really agreed with. So much so that she decided to run as a candidate.

Jan-Marie was an adopted child who was born in Invercargill. She grew up in the coal mining town of Ohai. As a teenager, she attended Central Southland College in Winton. She lived in Invercargill for a large part of her adult years, then spent twelve years in Christchurch, eventually moving to Taupo in 2012 after the 2010 Canterbury earthquakes.

She is known for her competency in leadership roles, and tends to become quite well-known in the communities she lives in. Like a surprising number of our candidates and members, she has a business background. She owns and operates a hairdressing business in Taupo, has owned several hairdressing businesses, and has trained many apprentices over her 42-year career in the industry. She also has a certificate in employment law and is no stranger to litigation to mediation and Employment Relations Authority services.

In addition to running her business in Taupo, Jan-Marie also works as a facilitator and advocate, providing awareness, education and prevention help in connection with the areas of child abuse, neglect and poverty.

Jan-Marie also helps and supports local homeless people and rough sleepers, offering access to the laundry facilities at her business. She also offers advice about some of the social services that they are sometimes unaware are available to them.

In 2018, she fronted a protest march in Taupo to save the Search and Rescue helicopter services in her area. She rallied the support of 1200 people, and her campaign was a success.

As a New Conservative candidate, Jan-Marie wants to raise awareness about a range of issues: our needless levels of poverty, the senseless abortion legislation that was passed this year, the shortcomings in our democratic system and our ongoing failures in justice.

Taupō voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Jan-Marie Quinn.