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Jonathan Marshall is the New Conservative candidate for Whanganui.

He and his wife Ruth are the parents of six children and the grandparents of six grandchildren.

Jonathan is an authorised financial adviser. He has been a business owner since 1985 and is passionate about helping New Zealand families and businesses succeed financially.

When he is not out enjoying the wonderful outdoors with his dogs, or hunting venison to fill his freezer, he is serving in local government as a community board chair.

Jonathan believes in community, believes in family, and believes in New Zealanders working together. He argues that we don’t always have to agree with one another about everything, but we still need to be able to discuss in good faith our fundamental hopes and dreams for this nation so together we can achieve results that will be of net benefit to us all.

In many ways, we punch above our weight as a nation, leading the world in academia, business, science, and sports. Our number 8 fencing wire mentality is part of what makes that possible. When kiwis have an objective, they often find a way to make it work by making the most of what they have. To Jonathan, that is New Zealand’s magic ingredient. It allows kiwis to realise their hopes and dreams and help make New Zealand such a great country.

But in saying all this, it is not by any means a completely rosy picture for New Zealand. In recent years, Jonathan has seen the hopes and dreams of many New Zealanders not being realised. He has seen more disillusionment, hopelessness, and despair among some sectors of the population. In the Whanganui electorate, there has been increases in unemployment and public debt, and the same old government promises being broken. There has been more centralisation of government departments, moving them away from Whanganui. This results in valuable services like acute healthcare moving to other regions. These services, that were once accessible and available locally, are now gone.

So, Jonathan is standing for New Conservative as the Whanganui candidate because he wants to help reverse these trends. He wants to see the success this nation once enjoyed return, and for it to reach even greater heights.

Whanganui needs to grow its manufacturing sector, and there needs to be conditions in place allowing local entrepreneurs to be creative and innovative. Jonathan also wants to see higher value jobs and better employment opportunities.

He looks forward to sharing his ideas with the Whanganui constituency.

Whanganui voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Jonathan Marshall.