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Josh Morgan is the New Conservative candidate for Te Tai Hauāuru, one of New Zealand’s seven Maori electorates.

Josh is a hardworking New Zealander, a husband, and a father of five. He was born in Hamilton but raised on a farm near Te Awamutu. For most of his childhood, he was brought up by his mother and his stepfather.

Josh spent 12 of his working years in the dairy industry and the past two years in the business of drainlaying, trenching and thrusting for wastewater and stormwater systems. He points out that with a trade, there tends to always be a steady supply of contracts, because trades revolve around work that is constantly in demand. Not only that, the skills and knowledge gained from a trade are always transferable to other jobs.

As a youth, his first job was at good old McDonald’s Te Awamutu, which is important because it was where he met Nadia, his future wife-to-be. Josh and Nadia have now been married for nine years. They cherish being parents, and realise that parenthood is a privilege, not a right. Their children range in age from 1 to 13, and are home schooled by Nadia. Homeschooling gives them more say in their children’s education while giving less say to the likes of state school teachers, teachers’ unions, the Ministry of Education and the government.

Josh became interested in politics when he began to notice the current state of New Zealand, and even more critically the direction it is heading in. He recalls the virtue-signalling election promises of Labour in 2017. Those promises might have deceived some people, and might have satisfied the ideological tastes of others, but those hefty and unrealistic promises have not been delivered either way, and this is not in the slightest bit surprising.

Josh’s decision to stand for New Conservative began with the decision not to do what so many Kiwis do: just passively sit back and not say or do anything to influence change. So he researched all of the political parties and their policies, discovered New Conservative along the way, and the rest is history.

Josh believes New Zealand needs a proper conservative party in parliament representing conservative voters, and New Conservative is that party. New Zealand also needs a government that is accountable and transparent—i.e. actually transparent, not claiming to be transparent while being anything but.

Te Tai Hauāuru voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Josh Morgan.