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Julie Manders

Hamilton East

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Julie Manders is the New Conservative candidate for Hamilton East.

Julie was born and bred in the Waikato, but over the years, she has also travelled to a number of continents and many countries. She has found this very educational, and says it has given her some helpful perspective.

She has decided to get involved in politics because she has been concerned about the direction our country is heading in, something successive governments have all played a role in. A representative government is supposed to represent and serve the people, and too many current and former MPs seem to have forgotten that.

Julie believes New Conservative has people and policies that can help New Zealand go in a better direction. New Conservative is a party full of practical people with real experience who value life and humanity and have commonsense ideas about the issues that New Zealand faces.

A large part of Julie’s career has been ensuring value for money for businesses. Through various roles in cost accounting and office management — including five years in a key role in a large construction company — she has developed and utilised the ability to monitor, minimise and report on costs for companies. Then in 2004, Julie made the leap to founding and owning her own business. From there, she came to understand the dynamics and challenges of being in business, which is something that many career politicians cannot relate to.

Julie believes that being a member of parliament should be about enabling and encouraging people to reach their full potential. It should also be about working with a variety of people in a nation who may not share all of the exact same beliefs and ideas, but who by and large share the same key goals.

Julie notices that many people today seem to acquiesce, give in and allow their views to be silenced by other people with different views to them. But if they stood up, spoke out, and made a powerful statement with their vote, there would be an opportunity to bring in fresh ideas, real democracy and hope for the future. So it is time for middle New Zealand to put some steel in its spine, stand up for the truth and make its vote count.

Hamilton East voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Julie Manders.