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Kevin Stitt is the New Conservative candidate for Auckland Central.

Kevin is a happily married family man, with one wife of 49 years, 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

He is a self-sufficient and independent goal setter, who always find a way of getting the task at hand done, but he has learned over time to value the input and contributions of others. He loves innovation, creativity, development, exploring new ideas, and helping to solve problems — be they problems with systems, or problems that people face.

He is qualified Aeronautical Engineer. He worked first for the RNZAF for 10 years, then for seven years, he was the owner and operator of a successful Engineering business in the Waikato that catered mostly to the agricultural sector. Over the years, he has also been a CEO, Settlor and Treasurer for a number of trusts.

Kevin has served the community in many ways. This includes 27 years as a volunteer with a youth-focused charity, and nine years as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at an Intermediate School.

In his spare time, Kevin likes to spend time with his family, especially during holidays. And for a change of scene and for fitness, he enjoys some track cycling and mountain biking.

A core value for Kevin is family. Family is the key building block of society. This is why he has decided to dedicate years of work to New Conservative, formerly as Party Secretary, and more recently as Party Administrator.

Kevin can see that we as a country are moving away from the values that New Zealand was founded on, which includes family values, and this is proving quite clearly to be detrimental to society.

Among political parties, New Conservative’s policies align most closely with what is tried and true in Western culture, including the family unit — as Family First’s 2020 ‘Value Your Vote’ demonstrates. Kevin points out that if you look at our policies as a whole, there is a theme running through many of them. They either support and encourage the family, or they are trying to deal with the fallout of family breakdown.

Looking at Auckland Central, a major issue for this electorate is transport. There seems to be a politically-driven trend toward discouraging the use of cars in the city, but Kevin disagrees with this thinking. He would rather see the city become more accessible to families who use their own transport. A local New Zealand company has designed, and is “shovel ready” to build, a two-directional elevated transport option that would be more effective than any other forms of public transport in freeing up congestion. Such a project would also create employment and revenue for developers, the construction consortium, the owner/operator, and the government.

Auckland Central voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Kevin Stitt.