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Leao Tildsley

Kelston Candidate

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“I see a future for our next generation in good hands because we had the foresight to stand up for their rights for equality and freedom of speech.”

Married to her American husband for 21 years, Leao has been in New Zealand since she was 4 years old, living and working in West Auckland. Her 3 teenage boys work and study in West Auckland, and the family attends Seed to Harvest Church, while Leao herself attended Henderson High and Kelston Girls.

As for Leao’s extensive career, she certainly displays a patriotic love for West Auckland:

• Community Developer for Community Waitakere
• Art Tutor for Dayspring – community art teaching
• Has created both solo and community art projects in the schools worked in
• Community Chaplain for Vision West
• Community Consultant for Saves9 – CD workshops preparing for disaster scenarios
• Part of the Whau local homeless network, looking at helping rough sleepers’ community
• Part of Kai West; food systems/sustainability
• Helped create Te Puna Markets
• During lockdown, she led the teams feeding homeless in Auckland city each night, and assisted with care parcels through Fair Food
• Fed the homeless each week in Henderson over the last 3 years

Leao has watched as New Conservative has grown as a party, and she has seen how their policies and values align with those of her and her family.

Having been involved with the local community boxing group that has helped local people become fit and healthy, Leao has also journeyed with people on the Keto diet, building a Facebook group called “Keto Support” that now has more than 2000 members. Currently she is an admin for the “Pay It Forward West Auckland” page and moderates the “Glen Eden Community” page.

And if that was not enough, Leao is one of the Worship Leaders at Seed to Harvest Church, while also attending the Mana Moana Course for Leadership New Zealand.

We welcome and honour the excitement, strength, and frontline experience that Leao brings.