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Margaret Colmore

Bay of Plenty Candidate

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Margaret Colmore is the New Conservative Candidate for Bay of Plenty.

Her aim is to see New Conservative in Parliament this year.

She is a truth seeker, unafraid to speak her mind, a New Zealander who sailed here from South Africa with her family in 1998.

After owning several businesses, Margaret and her husband bought a five acre property in Oropi which is run as a Bed & Breakfast, giving international visitors a Kiwi country experience.

Like everyone involved with New Conservative, Margaret is not a career politician, but what she saw in South Africa is beginning to be seen in New Zealand: divisive policies that favour one race over another, along with increasing regulations and rates that erode profits.

When Margaret became aware of the Labour Coalition’s Climate Hysteria agenda to push New Zealand down a ‘Zero Carbon’ path, she observed one side of science was being suppressed.

“I realised the scientific truth of climate change was being manipulated to bring about a global agenda to remove capitalism and bring in socialism, with the loss of private property and complete control over all land, all resources, all food and all people.”

After observing this and the concerning direction towards much more adherence to the UN, Margaret became alarmed and joined New Conservative. 

She observed that New Conservative policies are centred on democracy and the sovereignty of New Zealand, are practical and compassionate, and are developed by patriotic Kiwis with decades of relevant experience in each policy area.

When it comes to the environment and natural resources, Margaret believes that far more can be done for NZ conservation without giving billions to shadowy carbon markets.

Margaret is passionate about promoting New Conservative, advocating freedom, and positive social values and policies, and protecting our national sovereignty.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” – Edmund Burke.”