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Martin Frauenstein is the New Conservative candidate for Ōtaki.

Martin and his family moved to Wellington from South Africa in 1996. He soon became an avid Hurricanes supporter. Running his own software company, he implemented manufacturing IT systems in a broad range of companies in several countries.

In 2012 the family moved to Christchurch, working with Canterbury District Health Board. He became a Principle Architect at the Ministry of Health in June 2018, and in June 2019 he moved his family to Raumati Beach, commuting to Wellington for work.

Raised amongst the Xhosa people and involvement with the Democratic Alliance in South Africa he has clear views on democracy, justice, and family. He felt compelled to voice his views before the Foreshore and Seabed select committee. Justice needs to be colour blind with one law for everyone.

Successive governments have ignored the people’s voice on referenda, clearly showing contempt for those who elected them. New Conservative is the only political party offering BCIR, enabling active participation in government during the 3-year election cycle, sealing it for Martin.

Watching successive governments minimise core family structures and waste family taxes on wasteful social programs that have done nothing to improve the plight of low-income families, Martin believes something needs to be done.

“Removing waste” has been his focus with IT systems, and “removing waste” from government has now become his focus. Removing waste, in time or money, is quite straight forward.

“Successive career politicians have created waste that they no longer see, a new set of eyes is now needed; that is what I offer. I have seen apartheid in action in South Africa, NZ can live without it. I have seen the government gravy train in motion, NZ is better off without it. I have seen the breakdown of the family, NZ will be stronger and punch still higher, with stronger families. It is time for change,” says Martin.

Ōtaki voters are encouraged to give their party vote to New Conservative and their electorate vote to Martin Frauenstein.